A Celebration Of Motorcycles & Community

Rally On The River...

was created to bring a family friendly motorcycle event to the downtown core of Bridgewater NS. The idea was to have both motorcycle and local communities together in celebration. Our hope is to help stop some stigmas surrounding bikers, to build positive community relations and to raise money for worthwhile organizations and activities within the community. Our inaugural event was a rally held on Saturday July 21st 2018. It was only a 4 hour event from 5pm to 9pm to gauge interest and its potential. Despite the inclement weather, the event was considered a success, receiving positive feedback. Proudly, we were able to give back to the community with a donation towards the Bridgewater Skate Park. With the success of ROTR '18, Rally On The River will live on, ever evolving in coming years. 

Donation to Bridgwater Skate Park from ROTR '18 proceeds. Preen y ROTR Founder/Prsident Doug Nauss to Town of Bridgwater Mayor David Mitchell.

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